Times & Locations
Sundays at 9:00 & 10:30am

Lincoln Park

We’re passionate about our church community and we’d love to have you come and visit. We are a diverse family of teachers, electricians, doctors, plumbers, retirees, Democrats, Republicans, Independents…you get the idea. What draws us together is our love for God and people, and our desire to continue the mission of Jesus in the world. Our worship gatherings (services) are casual yet reverent; modern yet rooted in history; serious yet filled with humor. We would be honored to have you come and worship with us.

9:00am Service

Main Auditorium
Led by our Choir and Orchestra.

10:30am Service

Main Auditorium
Full band leading modern, creative worship.


264 Jacksonville Road
Lincoln Park, NJ 07035

Wayne (en Español)

Bienvenidos a The Chapel en Español. Cada domingo estamos celebrando dos servicios de adoración. Si prefiere ver los servicios desde su casa, visite nuestra página de Facebook durante la hora del servicio para verlo en vivo.


9:00 am
10:45 am

Escuela Dominical

10:45 am


270 Parish Drive
Wayne, NJ 07470